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St.Day Leather

Quality leather goods,

individually handcrafted,

from top quality materials.

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Ever thought, trousers can't get any lower? Fashion has to bring them back up sometime. Just not keen on wearing belts? Then try my leather braces. Ever thought button flies are a pain? That is one reason why I wear these more than belts. My trousers just stay up, while I'm occupied with other business.

I usually wear jeans, or heavy trousers and the old braces clips simply aren't strong enough. Mine utilise solid brass clips to attach to your existing belt loops. The belt loops will come off before the clips do!

Don't have a belt loop in the centre back? No problem, I have configured the braces, so the back straps can clip on and off. They can be configured X or Y pattern to suit your trousers of the day.

Personally, I like a clean look, so I allow for some adjustment, though I don't punch lots of holes. Click on fitting guide to find the size to suit you. On the other hand, I can and do make these with a massive range of adjustment. Some people prefer this look. The extra holes can also be used to clip custom accessories to....

I generally use solid brass, because I like it. However, chrome plated or stainless steel fittings are available at the cost of a few more pennies and a few days wait.

To order, choose from leather colour, brass, stainless or chrome and a rough measurement from waist band to waist band over your shoulder. Send me these selections by email, or phone.